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Exterior configuration

The interior and exterior of the Ambrussum archeological site respond to each other and share a dialogue.

The museum visit is a journey through time and the site tour a journey through space. They complement and interweave with each other in order that visitors may have an intense impression of the past and experience the way of life of our ancestors through the Roman walk.

To accompany the visitor's voyage through history, the Ambrussum site has incorporated the twenty-first century technology.


Phase 3: Road access

  • From the secondary road to the site, directions are well indicated and parking signs are clear.


  • The parking area has been created with the assistance of a land surveyor. After having identified aromatic herbs, trees and shrubs of botanical interest on the site, along with the larger Mediterranean tree species, and taking into account their shape, condition and size, an original layout for the car park has resulted which allows for the protection of the various species.

Phase 4: Arrangement for walkers

This last phase completes the work carried out by the many contributors in realising the Ambrussum site. It was deemed necessary to protect the site while keeping its natural beauty and to ensure that visitors found their way around easily. To achieve this, several outdoor arrangements were necessary, which include:


  • A mean of protecting the ramparts; allowing for visits whilst preserving the fragile structure and retaining the overall look.


  • A signage system for visitors, indicating: 'Site museum', 'Departure point for Roman walk' as well as 'Climbing the remains is not allowed'!


  • Archaeological paths allowing the discovery of the site in its historic totality.


  • Information (explanatory signs or panels) alongside the archaeological remains underscore the human and natural dimensions of the site. They allow visitors to discover the site in totality and in close relationship with the contents of the ''Permanent Exhibition Room'', as well as those of the panels installed in the patio.


Quality labels

Opening time :


  • October to December and February to May : open every afternoon except Monday, 2pm – 5.30pm
  • June and September : open daily except Monday, 10am – 12.30pm / 2 pm – 5.30pm
  • July and August : open daily except Monday, 10am – 12.30pm / 2.30pm – 7pm

Guided visits (in french)

Guided visits are available at 3pm every Saturdays without booking and some Sundays with booking (click here for see all the dates). 



Free access to archeological site and site museum.

Prices of guided visits (in french only)

  • Full rate : 5€
  • Reduced rate : 4€
  • Reduced price : 12-18 years olds, students, jobseekers, groups ≥ 10 people
  • Free for children less than 12


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