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07/08/2013 - Life of the site

Quality Label of Hérault

This label identifies the department tourism actors that [...]

From 14/09/2013 to 15/09/2013

National Heritage Days at the Ambrussum Museum

Like every years, the Ambrussum Museum celebrates the [...]

From 21/06/2013 to 27/10/2013

“Things have gone to the Gauls’s heads”

From June 21 to October 27, follow in the footsteps of our [...]

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The Museum

The Permanent Exhibition

The site museum tells the story of Ambrussum, its first human occupants and the archaeological excavations which continue to this day.


When you enter the Ambrussum museum, you'll meet Petale Antonia, a 'freed slave' who lived in Ambrussum in the first half of the first century AD, then...


The permanent exhibition room is built long to represent a paved route. By taking this route, you will be entering into Ambrussum history.







The course is divided into four thematic sequences:

  • The ideal setting: Ambrussum, on the Via Domitia road
  • Warrior's rest: the staging post
  • The Ambroix bridge and the Vidourle river
  • The Oppidum


The museum also features models of the bridge, re-created scenarios and many objects of daily life.


Temporary Exhibitions

"Courbet's route"

From 25th June to 31st December 2011, the Ambrussum Site Museum invites you to discover "Courbet's route".

"Courbet's route"


'Courbet's route' follows the seven steps the celebrated artist took during his search for perfect locations to capture on canvas when creating his masterpieces; it traces the sources of his inspiration from Villetelle to Sète passing through Montpellier.

Courbet stayed twice in Languedoc-Roussillon, in 1854 and 1857. Seduced by the landscape and the particular light of our beautiful region, he travelled along the coast and produced a series of works capturing what he saw.

Find more information by visiting the 'Musée Fabre'. Click here or download the PDF by clicking on the map below:


pdf leaflet


Painting of The Tour de Farges by G. Courbet - F. Jaumes
Painting of The Tour de Farges by G. Courbet - F. Jaumes
Painting of The Ambroix Bridge by G. Courbet - F. Jaumes
Painting of The Ambroix Bridge by G. Courbet - F. Jaumes







Quality labels

Quality labels


  • Open every afternoon (except Mondays): 2 pm-5.30 pm
  • Open all day on Sunday: 10 am- 12.30 noon / 2 pm - 5.30 pm


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Guided visits

Guided visits are available at 3pm every Saturdays and Sundays without booking (on pre-booking only for the other days or time according to our availability).



Site Museum visit:

  • Free


Guided visits:

  • Site Museum guided visit: Full price : 3 €
  • Archelological site guided visit : Full price : 5 €
  • Site + Museum guided visits : Full price : 6,50 €
  • Free for under  12 year olds


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