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The Museum

The Permanent Exhibition

The site museum tells the story of Ambrussum, its first human occupants and the archaeological excavations which continue to this day.


When you enter the Ambrussum museum, you'll meet Petale Antonia, a 'freed slave' who lived in Ambrussum in the first half of the first century AD, then...


The permanent exhibition room is built long to represent a paved route. By taking this route, you will be entering into Ambrussum history.







The course is divided into four thematic sequences:

  • The ideal setting: Ambrussum, on the Via Domitia road
  • Warrior's rest: the staging post
  • The Ambroix bridge and the Vidourle river
  • The Oppidum


The museum also features models of the bridge, re-created scenarios and many objects of daily life.


Quality labels

Opening time :


  • October to December and February to May : open every afternoon except Monday, 2pm – 5.30pm
  • June and September : open daily except Monday, 10am – 12.30pm / 2 pm – 5.30pm
  • July and August : open daily except Monday, 10am – 12.30pm / 2.30pm – 7pm

Guided visits (in french)

Guided visits are available at 3pm every Saturdays without booking and some Sundays with booking (click here for see all the dates). 



Free access to archeological site and site museum.

Prices of guided visits (in french only)

  • Full rate : 5€
  • Reduced rate : 4€
  • Reduced price : 12-18 years olds, students, jobseekers, groups ≥ 10 people
  • Free for children less than 12


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