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Through the ages:

- Around 3000 BC–Final Neolithic – Ferrières culture: first occupation of the site


- Around 300 BC: Creation of the Oppidum


- Around 250 BC. : Settlement and cemetery near the Vidourle river


- In 120 BC. : Construction of the Via Domitia and beginning of the conquest of Gaul


- Around 30 BC: Creation of the staging post and construction of the bridge


Around 100 AD: Abandonment of the Oppidum and of the sacred site near the Vidourle


- From 175 to 250 AD: Phasing out of the staging post, progressive abandonment of the urban roads


- Shortly after 400 AD: Ambrussum is entirely inhabited


- 1620: first known depiction of the bridge (with 4 arches) by Anne de Rulman


- November 18th 1745: an arch of the bridge collapses after one of the Vidourle floods


- 1840: the bridge is classified as a "Historic Monument"


- September 27th 1933: the penultimate arch of the bridge collapses after one of the Vidourle floods


- 1857: Gustave Courbet paints The Ambroix bridge


- 1974: The ramparts are classified "Historic Monument"


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